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We've always felt that being in someone's inbox is something we didn't want to take for granted and so we wanted to give more back to you all as a thank you for being here with us!

how it works

We'll be offering discounts on a specific product for the entire first week of each month. This ranges across product type, discount size and believe us when we say, these offers are not to be missed.

These amazing monthly offers are exclusive to our email subscribers, and only those who have subscribed in time before each offer will receive the discount code in their inbox.

Follow us on instagram to make sure you never miss an offer, as we'll be telling you all about each product of the month as well as the all-important go-live date.

upcoming product of the month offers

Have you ever bought something only to see it go on sale shortly after? Us too, and that feeling is the worst. We don't want to do that to you, so we've outlined and listed all of our upcoming 'Product of the Month' discounts below - that way you can prepare to make some serious savings at a time that works for you.

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