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father's day gift guide

Make this year's Father's Day gift extra special
with our personalised refillable candles

Looking for a gift that’s as unique as he is? 

Forget socks or pants, men want mandles! 

Make this year’s Father’s Day gift extra special with our personalised refillable candles, made with pure essential oils, they’re guaranteed to put a smile on dad’s face and make any space smell wonderful.


best father's day scents

for the dad who likes the outdoors

If he likes going for hikes or long walks or chilling in the garden, he'll love our grounding cedarwood and evergreens scent.

for the dad who likes something fresh

If his office is his sanctuary, he has a strong work ethic or likes to clear his mind, invigorate him with our rosemary and spearmint scent.

for the dad who likes something smokey

If he likes to be in charge of the bbq or loves a cosy summer night in, comfort his senses with our marjoram and cedarwood scent.


personalised father's day gifts

for the dad who has everything

Turn Dad’s favourite photo into a keepsake that never leaves his desk, or mark a special memory from a recent trip with our photo candles.

for the superhero dad

Their super powers range from dad jokes to diffusing any situation with bear hugs. Not all superheros wear capes.

for the dad who needs reminding how much he's loved

Say it with a candle, or three. This trio gift set is guaranteed to put a smile on his face.

At Little Karma Co. Ltd, we lovingly handcraft our scented candles to bring you the most divine scents and beautiful gifts.

We use 100% natural wax and pure essential oils. As we create each candle from scratch, we can be sure that there are no hidden nasties. Our candles are completely free from paraffin, palm, animal products and synthetic additives.


For the man who likes the outdoors: Juniper | Grounding cedarwood + fir | Help him clear his head with the refreshing, woody scent of this grounding natural candle. This scent will take him to the great outdoors, and feels like the breath of fresh air as he steps outside into the crisp woody breeze. Contains cedarwood, pine, cypress, fir, eucalyptus and juniper berry pure essential oils.

For the man who likes something fresh: Kefi | Invigorating rosemary + spearmint | Whether he’s working, studying or just need a little clarity of mind, this candle promotes focus and creativity. Its scent is bright and warm with notes of mint and botanicals. Contains rosemary, spearmint, lemon, black pepper, basil, cedarwood and lemongrass pure essential oils.

For the man who likes something smokey: Noor | Comforting marjoram + cedarwood | Help him feel comforted with this intense, addictive scent with spicy, woody, sweet aromas. Contains sweet marjoram, cedarwood, frankincense, fennel, cardamom, clove and black pepper pure essential oils.


Wax: 100% natural wax – rapeseed and coconut

Scent: 100% pure, natural essential oils

Wick: Cotton wick. We wax all wicks in-house to avoid the thin coat of paraffin used on most pre-made wicks

Materials: Recyclable glass container and biodegradable tree-free bagasse label

*Please note, as every candle is hand-poured there may be slight variations in the finished product.

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