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we are Little Karma Co.

We’re a husband and wife duo based in Buckinghamshire, who turned a passion into our beloved small business during lockdown in 2020.

You can never have too many candles! They smell amazing, look great and make perfect gifts. We’ve always had a candle addiction, but when we realised that burning paraffin and synthetic fragrance oils releases harmful substances into the air you breathe, we set about creating candles that burn cleanly by eliminating all nasties.

With a new arrival on the way, it was important to us that our home was completely safe, including the air that we breathed. This led us to develop our range of 100% natural scented candles, which are fragranced using only pure essential oils that are not only clean but bring with them amazing aromatherapy benefits.

Our mission with Little Karma Co. Ltd, was to create a collection that was luxurious, aesthetically beautiful and made gifting simple whilst doing better for our planet.

That’s why all our candles are refillable and we offer personalisation on every candle. All our candles are lovingly handcrafted in small batches at our HQ in Buckinghamshire. Every part of the process, even down to the priming and waxing of our wicks, is done by hand with love and care.

About Little Karma Co. founders - husband and wife duo Karen and Patrick Maxwell

different from other candlemakers

every candle is refillable

every candle can be personalised

every candle is clean & free from nasties


What’s special about Little Karma Co. Ltd is that every candle is vegan, clean burning and earth loving. 

We use 100% natural wax which is a blend of rapeseed and coconut oils only.

Each candle is scented with our unique blend of 100% pure, natural essential oils, and do not contain any artificial fragrances or chemical scent boosters. This creates a lovely subtle scent that is never overpowering.

The candle wicks are waxed in-house to avoid the thin layer of paraffin that is found on most pre-waxed wicks.

As a result, our candles are completely free from paraffin, soy, palm, animal products and synthetic additives.

no nasties

Our candles are:

100% NATURAL | No chemicals or artificial fragrances

100% VEGAN | No vegan products or by-products

100% PURE | Clean and free from additives

100% NO NASTIES | Free from paraffin, palm, phthalates and lead


eco conscious

We have taken a zero waste approach to our packaging, reducing avoidable items such as candle boxes and lids, which are usually unnecessary unless gifting. 

Instead we offer a personalised gift package which includes a seeded paper dust cover, branded linen presentation bag and a hand-written gift card. 

Our eco conscious approach means that we have carefully selected all the materials used in our products in order to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. All packing materials are plastic-free and recyclable. All stickers are made from biodegradable Bagasse (sugarcane waste material) and cards are made from recycled paper. Our tissue paper is compostable after use. The postal boxes and packing materials contain at least 70% recycled material and are all recyclable. The shredded paper filler material is 100% biodegradable.

Little Karma Co. uses eco friendly, plastic free packaging. Every order is packed with love and care

"We wanted to create a collection that was not only beautiful, but also satisfied our personal desire to do better for our planet. What's better than a smells-amazing, looks-gorgeous candle? One that's refillable and doesn't add to our waste problem!"

– Karen Maxwell, founder


our luna candle

Our daughter Luna first inspired us to pursue our passion for handcrafting clean, eco candles, when she was still in the womb. When creating our first scents, we knew we wanted to dedicate one to our beloved daughter.

This pure essential blend creates a warm and sweet scent with soft floral undertones to relax and calm the soul. We felt the name Luna, meaning moon, was the perfect name for this blend, which helps to de-stress after a long day.

It’s now become one of our best-selling candles, with customers choosing to refill their Little Karma Co. Ltd glasses with this scent over and over again.

We are delighted to have had our Luna candles independently tested by a laboratory, which found them to be have very low sooting and therefore proved them to be very clean burning indeed.

About Little Karma Co. - Luna

"These are among the cleanest candles that we have tested"

– quote from the laboratory

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