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Our collection of Christmas candles and gifts includes 3 limited edition festive scents.

Every candle in this collection is refillable using our signature candle refills, so our beautiful essential oil scents can be enjoyed long after the festive season is over.

Get free personalisation on every candle in our Christmas collection, so you can be sure to have the most thoughtful gifts this year. 


christmas scent

indulge in all things nice

That buzz of excitement as you’re about to indulge in your first festive latte of the season. The smell of warm spices wraps around you like a cosy hug.

find your moment of calm

That blissfully serene feeling when you’re in a food coma after a delicious hearty roast. A soft, relaxing, festive scent fills the air. You drift off into a sweet slumber by a warm fire.

fill your heart with holiday cheer

That feeling of nostalgia when you think back to all your best Christmasses. The inviting smell of sweet treats spreads throughout your home, filling every room.


christmas gift sets


free personalisation


At Little Karma Co. Ltd, we lovingly handcraft our scented candles to bring you the most divine scents and beautiful gifts.

We use 100% natural wax and pure essential oils. As we create each candle from scratch, we can be sure that there are no hidden nasties. Our candles are completely free from paraffin, palm, animal products and synthetic additives.


Sugar & Spice | An intense and spicy scent that smells like a cinnamon chai latte | Contains cardamom, clove, aniseed, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper and orange essential oils.

Post Roast Snooze | A soft floral scent that smells like a lavender field with a festive twist | Contains lavender, frankincense, sweet orange and cinnamon essential oils.

All Day Feast | A classic super festive scent that needs no explanation | Contains cinnamon, sweet orange, nutmeg, black pepper and clary sage essential oils.

Winter Stroll (A.K.A. our best selling Christmas 2020 scent: Juniper) | A refreshing and woody scent that smells like luscious evergreens, in a charcoal grey glass | Contains cedarwood, pine, fir, cypress, juniper berry and eucalyptus pure essential oils.


Wax: 100% natural wax – rapeseed and coconut

Scent: 100% pure, natural essential oils

Wick: Cotton wick. We wax all wicks in-house to avoid the thin coat of paraffin used on most pre-made wicks

Materials: Glass container and paper labels

*Please note, as every candle is hand-poured there may be slight variations in the finished product.

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