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sol | energising eucalyptus + lime midi candle [150g]

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Energise your spirit with this fresh and zingy citrus scent


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Start your day the right way with this energising, invigorating and uplifting natural midi candle fragranced with pure essential oils. It smells fresh and zingy, with refreshing notes of citrus fruits. Eucalyptus and lime essential oils have energising properties, while grapefruit and lemon cleanse and uplift your soul. Cedarwood adds warmth and grounds this blend, creating a perfectly balanced fragrance.



This energising natural midi candle does not contain chemical fragrances or boosters, and should be enjoyed in enclosed spaces to maximise the aromatherapy benefits

Always trim wick to 5mm before lighting

Allow the wax to fully melt to the edge of the glass before extinguishing to prevent tunnelling

Each burn should not exceed 4 hours

Each wick tab is secured to the candle glass using plastic-free adhesive. Occasionally the wick may come loose, if this occurs and the wick moves off-centre, extinguish the candle and contact us for a replacement. Never leave a candle unattended.



Personalise the candle with a custom candle label. Gift it in a cloth bag and beautifully gift wrapped with a handwritten gift card.



Wax: 100% natural wax – rapeseed and coconut

Scent: 100% pure, natural essential oils

Wick: Cotton wick. We wax all wicks in-house to avoid the thin coat of paraffin used on most pre-made wicks

Wax weight: Approx. 150g / 5.3oz

Burn time: Approx. 36 hours

Materials: Glass container and recycled paper labels

*Please note, as every candle is hand-poured there may be slight variations in the finished product.



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3 reviews for sol | energising eucalyptus + lime midi candle [150g]

  1. Lucinda Delap (verified owner)

    Zesty, joyful scent that lifts the spirits. Lovely size & burns beautifully.

  2. Annette Ellard (verified owner)

    Fab product

  3. Annette Ellard (verified owner)

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